Dayang Island
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Divers have been visiting the island since the late 70's. During the earlier days, jetty was not available and divers had to take a swim in order to get ashore. Due to its remote location, getting to Dayang Island requires a 6 to 8 hours sea journey on a local fishing boat from mainland ... moving monstrously heavy air compressors, dive equipment, food, etc, as diving and accommodation facilities were not available. Weary from the travel, and when things did not seems promising, its the lights of the tropical island at the crack of dawn that keep bringing the divers back to this little piece of paradise.

Much has changed in the past decade. Dayang and Aur are now graced with sturdy jetties and air-conditioned chalets. Best of all, the sea journey has been telescoped into half the time with the introduction of bigger and faster boats. Now, most dive centers in Singapore and Malaysia organize weekend dive trips to Dayang Island on a very regular basis during the diving season from February to November.

The traveling time from Singapore to Mersing jetty is about 3 hours by land transfer. Departure is usually on Friday evening at 7pm. From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, land transfer will take approximately 5 hours to reach Mersing jetty.

Groups of divers will arrive at the jetty around 11 pm before boarding their dive boat for the seaward journey to the island, which takes about 3 to 4 hours in the comfort of dive boats.

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